About us

About Kelin Hotel & Suites

Kelin Hotel & Suites is created in ambience of innovative concepts, Kelin Hotel & Suites is a one-stop hospitality spot driven by one desire: To create affordable luxury ambience for the people. By “the people” We mean smart new breeds of international travellers, the type who crosses Continents the way others cross streets. This explorers, adventurers and Dreamers. Those who travel within the states and around the world with big pictures In hearts to explore their dreams in wide eyes. Those who are independent, Yet united by a love of the human continents. Those in search of businesses, Shopping, entertainments or art. In conclusion, every persons who is within the heart of Surulere and the globe. Most likely to say, that also means you.

Simple Booking

Our booking system is seamless and can be done anytime anyday. Our rooms can be booked from anywhere you are

Luxurious Rooms

Our rooms were designed to make you feel home away from home. An exquisite experience you don't want to miss

free wireless

Our high speed wireless is available to all our customers to connect to the bigger world while they enjoy our comfortability

24/7 Service

Kelin Hotel & Suites is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with our experienced and friendly staff ready to serve you

Our Rebirth

Kelin Hotel & Suites is the rebirth of Kelin Court Hotel: we introduce the world to see the evolution of innovative hospitality. These modern individuals are explorers, professionals, business moguls, entrepreneurs and shoppers of fashion. They are independent, share respect for different cultures and are youthful at heart. You are one of them.

Kelin Height says: You want innovative luxury for an affordable price, we’ve got impeccable luxury for less, let’s introduce our services to you. “where your life style meets leisure”